First Post


This is the first post to ever exist so let me catch you up on what I've been working on for the past year.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Josh and I'm the lead of, well... everything for Surviving World War 3 (SWW3) as well as Sparklapse Productions. As of posting this, I'm 16 and still a full-time student so fitting in time for development is difficult. Difficult that is, not impossible ;)
Enough about me, let's start talking about the game.

The Plot/Story

Surviving World War 3 is about a group of students caught in the worst situation possible. They've had to watch their friends die, make difficult choices and on top of that constantly avoid new threats from the rest of the world.

You play as Joseph, a school boy in his early senior year as he and his friends do their best to Survive World War 3.

The Development

SWW3 has gone through many phases and changes over the past year but has finally settled into its mechanics and style. Being a one man team, creating all the assets and programming it all together takes a lot of time so you'll have to bear with my slow pace of development. If you are interested in helping out then feel free to email your portfolio to

Currently the I'm approaching the point where I will begin to release screenshots, maybe some trailers and hopefully a small demo by the end of this year. That being said, this is quite ambitious with school work as well as life in general so your support would be greatly appreciated.

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